Sunday, 6 January 2013

Time to be Spontaneous...

Sundays normally consist of waking up with a groggy head and wondering why I have a fake eyelash stuck to the side of my cheek. So as a new years resolution instead if giving up my super fun nights out I decided to make the day after productive and spontaneous! I have always wanted to write a blog, so tick productive. And as somebody who plans EVERYTHING, being spontaneous is a trait I need to work on.

So here goes Sunday number 1... And I did it. I actually did something I had not planned with milatry precision. After a little convincing the bf agreed to go on a nice country walk, ending in a lovely glass of the white stuff in a local pub.

The Bankhouse was first recommended to me by some neighbours but being the lazy bones me and the bf are we have never actually ventured their, it was recommended 5 months ago! However as it was Spontaneous Sunday I decided that a country walk followed by a lovely glass of wine would be the perfect start to my New Years Resolution and it did not disappoint.

The Bankhouse is the perfect winter pub ; roaring fires, bustling atmosphere and the smell of roast beef makes this the perfect country walk pit stop. While we didn't try the food the table next to us did and it looked just like my Grans wholesome roast dinner. After 5 months I have finally found my perfect local!

So, spontaneous Sunday number 1 completed. Not only have I found the perfect country pub right on my doorstep but I have also managed a little of exercise, if walking for ten minutes followed by a large glass of wine counts!